Grey Nomad Employment Options


Posted by Neville | Posted in Retirement, Working | Posted on 29-10-2011

Grey Nomad Employment Opportunities

The previous post introduced the notion of work part time while doing the Grey Nomad thing. Many retired people still have the enthusiasm and the drive to contribute to their community.

While on the road, this community may be much wider than when living in the one place. Grey nomads  can take their experience and skills to places that may in desperate need of what they can offer.

Retired Teachers Making a Difference

While scanning websites for employment opportunities I discovered a program being run by the Queensland Education Department that targets Grey Nomads for employment in some regions that are looking for experienced teachers.

“The Grey Nomad Teacher Employment Strategy offers an opportunity for registered and retired teachers to

  • make a difference in the lives of young people in rural, remote and regional Queensland
  • earn an income while travelling across Queensland by undertaking short term casual and temporary appointments in state schools or TAFE institutes
  • plan your travels around available teaching opportunities
  • share your experience, knowledge and skills with colleagues in non-metropolitan areas
  • discover the unique characteristics and local knowledge of the communities.”

This looks like an ideal opportunity for retired (or those contemplating scaling down from full time employment) teachers an opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution, while undertaking their Grey Nomad adventure.

The Do It Yourself Strategy

While this is a formal program, it may also be possible for individual teachers who have registered in their state (or other states where possible) for relieving, or substitute teaching positions to offer their services while visiting different regions.

In particular, if a teacher in this situation has skills in areas of demand they may be able to negotiate with individual schools to volunteer those skills, and potentially gather some paid work when their contributions are seen as valuable. For example a drama or visual arts specialist may be able to establish an Artist-In Residence type role in a school, where the school may be able to allocate some funding.

With some lateral thinking it may be possible to think of  ways to use the skills developed in a many other careers while on the road. That is, if you still have the passion for what was your full-time career.

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